November 2007

Ever wanted to ask America a question?

Ever wanted to ask why America thinks it must police the world?

Ever wanted to know why America feels it is the greatest nation on Earth?

What would you ask the political leaders of America?

What would you ask the Supreme Court of America, or her Religious and Corporate leaders?

Be it harsh or gentle, would you want your question answered? Or are you content in putting it out to the Internet, the Universe if you will, and feel secure in knowing that you got your question off your chest, and out of your conscience.

This is Your Blog, Your Space and Your Chance to tell the World, and the World’s children just what question you would like to address towards America, be it her leaders, her sports figures and athletes, corporation heads, bankers, businessmen, lawyers or Doctors.

When this project completes, your questions and comments to America will be compiled in a proper, categorical format and submitted for printing.

Let your voice be heard, as often and as loud as you would like… Be a part of the dream to Ask America, and to hear what she replies….


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